We live in an age of post-irony and in a world at war where the influence of content and media has reached a ceiling, punching the bottom in show business, contemporary art and our own lives. It would seem that in this world of cliched thinking slogans no longer work and real life is much duller than its online version. Content is becoming too much, so much so that it is winning competition for time from our other habits: going to the store, cinema, theater, sports, even sex.

Our hero Tony is an advertising genius who goes crazy with the extent of his own influence in this world. A copywriter with all the signs of a star disease and bipolar disorder at the same time. Tony's main problem is a damn idea that he hasn't been able to sell for over three months to any of his clients. Every time this happens, the unthinkable happens: the client decides to kill himself for some reason!

To deal with this problem our hero dives into the wilds of his own brain, experimenting with his mind, behavior and simultaneously thinking about new advertising briefs... And solving these problems, Tony begins to grasp the meaning of life and realize his true mission - it's him who must save the world!

Tony is a cool dude and a typical advertising genius, going crazy with the magnitude of his own influence in this world, but unable to pay the bills for his own lifestyle yet. Such a star-copywriter, with all the signs of star-disease and bipolar disorder at the same time, still naively believing that you can just tell someone to "Just do it" so they can really get off their butt off the couch and go for a run!

But frankly, Tony's life went fucked up long before his ideas literally started killing customers..... And it was because of a goddamn creative crisis. That idiotic "comfort zone." Not turning in a single idea in a year as creative director of one of the most fashionable advertising agencies in the world is questionable efficiency. It's like sex without sex. However, there will be a lot of sex in this movie, so we'll start our story from afar...

2004. Some sort of college party. A group of young people are actively discussing their plans for the future: who is going to enter, who is going to move, and so on. At this very moment, our protagonist, a young guy named Anton, is passionately watching a girl enjoying herself near a DJ, listening to a new track by the same name: "Anton". The girl notices this and yells across the dance floor:

- Wake up, Anton! This sounds just like your demos! That's what your future music should sound like!

- Music! To hell with the music! And I'll go to commercials, even if it's paid, but just not in the army - to fuck off then our hero responds to his friends.

Our days. Tony is already an acknowledged international star of advertising, with dozens of Cannes Lions under his belt, and the status of the unofficial creative director of one of the world's biggest brands. But it's all official. In fact, Tony is now standing on a dry bridge under all kinds of drugs at the same time, listening to that very Smokey Mo track, "Anton," thinking about ending everything altogether. But at the last moment, he meets a street musician walking by and drops the phrase:
"Wake up, Dude! Not to this track!"

As a result, the guys get acquainted, make conversation and go on an awesome trip, after which they get together and start writing a rock album. At the same time, Tony freelances creative from some of the nastiest weirdos in the world, coming up with mocking commercials for them (there will be some cool commercial inserts). At some point, our hero realizes that he's going crazy and that he doesn't really have a musician friend (hello, Fight Club!). In the end he takes extreme measures: to go to mental asylum, but before he does he crushes his first ever rock album. But waking up, Tony realizes that he had found himself in some other world where everything he had been singing about in his songs comes true.

It's at that point that we realize we're watching an ordinary movie about a dude who realized at 33 years old that he is THE GOD.

Then our Tony gets a taste for it and starts to change his world with the help of songs: he fights corruption, he solves environmental and health problems, he changes society with his songs, making it more conscious. At some point Tony reaches the peak of his new career and he just gets bored. No, he becomes specifically bored that he hasn't devoted his entire life to music. Then Tony writes his rock song about 2004 to go back in time and do things differently....

It's 2004 again. The same party. A group of young people are actively discussing their plans for the future: who's going somewhere, moving, and so on. At this very moment, our hero, Anton, is passionately watching a girl enjoying herself near a DJ, listening to Smokey Mo's new track, "Anton". Ignoring his friends' question about future plans, our hero approaches and flirts with the girl. It's the first time he's truly full of confidence and strength to change this world!

Time passes. Our Anton is a famous rock musician. In very tight circles.... Honestly, things are so bad that he doesn't even have a home or a cell phone. His life has gone downhill since he went to conquer the world. And so he walks along the bridge with thoughts of ending everything altogether. And suddenly he sees.... An ad man who wants to kill himself...
"Wake up! Dude! Not to this track!".
Wake up, Dude!
Dream cast
The Musician
Wake up, Dude! - is a black musical comedy intended for distribution via One Dollar TV's online movie theater.

Running time: 60 - 90 min.
One Dollar TV
New Independent TV