The first interactive crypto project powered by Binance
The world has changed:
People are afraid to talk
People are afraid to be silent
People are afraid to live!
People run from a war. People are trying to escape from a terrible, brutal war that affects the entire planet.
People are running.
From external circumstances.
From friends and family.
From dissent.
From themselves.
They seek neither for a better life nor the sake of their ego. They run to save themselves and keep an opportunity to change something.
We want to create a unique and interactive music video for a song «Places» by The Blaze
It will be 8 music clips referring 8 different characters made by 8 different directors regardless their national or ethnic entity: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

Each story is based on real events told by witnesses.
There is no place for politic content in this video, and the main characters in the stories are real people facing overwhelming circumstances.
We want to show a day in the live of these people, problems and difficulties they face and their actions to overcome them. Highly likely all 8 stories will not have a classic finish, but we will try to capture and reveal in details the «Runaway» moment. Some of those people find themselves without child and destitute in a completely new cultural environment, some have to evade a manhunt and hide in a real ghetto, and some simply can not get back home, since there’s a war still going on there.
We provide a unique opportunity for 1$TV user to assemble his own music video by himself.

Use all 8 videos to make up your own!
The interactive project will be released on One Dollar TV platform with the main message «Storytelling has no borders».

We believe the project will be featured in collaboration with Binance and show another road for different talented artists. And yeah, viewers will only be able to watch this video for crypto!