The story of one lost cell phone and music demo

So. The storyteller of this music video is a lost mobile phone that keeps changing hands and documenting what is happening around. Eventually the phone ends up in Paris in the hands of the author of this demo.


"My phone number is 32-08.

It's easy to remember: thirty-two teeth and eight fingers."

Sergei Dovlatov

32 missed calls. 8 messages. Dark times. Ecstasy.

All night the heroine is wildly partying with the purpose of forgetting herself, documenting the trip on her phone, on which someone keeps trying to call her. Locations, clubs, people around her, bad habits change. The phone's battery gradually runs out. At some point the screen goes out, but it recharges again - and her adventure continues. At one point she gets ecstatic and starts taking pictures of everything, kissing, and eventually leaves the phone in the toilet during an unfortunate intimacy and drug use.

Timecode: 00:00 - 01:15
WC. Nightmare.

The phone camera keeps recording video. There is a fight in the restroom, somehow the phone falls to the floor and ends up in one dude's hands. He and his friends leave the club and continue streaming. It falls into the hands of some types, they proceed to pirate content on it. Night city from a car. Pictures of different people. Streams. Street. Rumble. At some point, the phone falls into the river and turns off.

Timecode: 01:35 - 01:55

A little boy finds it and turns it on. He checks the camera, dries the speakers and goes to the store.

Timecode: 01:55 - 02:10
Stolen cell phone store.

There the phone is checked by a master and records a rap on the camera for fun and turns it off (Essoh).
Timecode: 02:10 - 02:20
From Tbilisi to Paris.

The phone goes around in different people's hands. They shoot all kinds of crazy shit on it.
Timecode: 02:20 - 02:55
Finally the phone turns on in Paris in the subway. We see your face looking straight into the camera. Someone is trying to call you.
To be continued...
Timecode: 02:55 - 03:30
We want to build the story on the most realistic characters, who will not have to specifically "play" for the camera. That's why we suggest to try not professional actors as heroes, but real heroes, who will live themselves in the clip.

Among such heroes will be the authors of this track.
Written by @ad_is_dead
Creative Producer / Director
Storytelling has no Borders!