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One Dollar TV is a new independent television channel. We will launch the platform in April 2023 and right now we're busy finding partners for our Original Shows

One Dollar TV Originals
Cognitive and entertaining speakeasy show with Vladimir Raevskiy and his unique guests in different cities of the world. Just museums, drinks and talks.
In each episode, journalist Vladimir Raevskiy meets his hero for a day to spend it in the city in a useful way. Useful means talking, going to a museum, and having a drink in the evening. Thus, each issue consists of three conditional parts, interspersed with each other episodes:

a) An in-depth interview of the classic type, across from each other, in armchairs. It's important to realize that, in spite of the static pose, this is the only chance to talk about deep, serious, and probably personal subjects, and nowhere else but in a quiet room in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

b) Going to a museum and talking about art, but going beyond the art itself: about life. A visit to the Acropolis Museum is a chance to talk about empires and colonies, nations large and small, pushing away from the empty display cases for the Parthenon marbles. From the stories on the amphorae, to love adventures and adolescent bacchanalia. From the nudes, it's about corporeality and physicality. Rebounding from antique masks - about the profession of the artist.

c) Going to bars is going out on the town, a chance to relax and have a drink, meet people, tell stories. The reference is Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, short clips in various places. In fact, of course, you don't have to have a drink and sit somewhere, just get in touch with the noise of the city, with the nature of the city.
Pilot Guest:
John Malkovich

Athens, Greece
Yes, friends, we will be interviewing John Malkovich in Athens. But it won't just be an interesting conversation, it will be a short documentary about a man who has influenced the cultural values of many people in the context of the times we live in. In short, Vladimir Raevskiy will walk around Athens with him and talk on the stage of an empty theater hall where his performance will take place. And we'll film and edit it all beautifully. The story will be based on a conversation, and we'll adjust to it and come up with cool, appropriate animation. No longer than 60 min.
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Project's details:


One episode is not longer than 60 minutes.
Pilot Season
We want to shoot 10 episodes in the pilot season.
The cost of integration in one issue is $20,000.

Full season Partnership: $150 000.

Production Team:
Red Pepper Film was founded in 2006. We focused on development of creative ideas and production for branded content, music videos, short and feature films. We create stories that are interesting to people

We have received over 200 international awards for ads and films: Golden Eagle, Kinotavr, Eurobest, Cannes Lions, Globes Awards, Berlin Music Awards, Red Apple, Golden Drum, PIAF, TMFF, Feel The Reel, Webby Awards.
Nick Sherlock 
We see this young up-and-coming guy from South Africa as a Director. Sure, you will like his works:
One Dollar TV is a unique new streaming platform where people get direct access to talented filmmakers and help them monetize their films or raise funds for new stories.
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She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
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