instagram film series
Angel Stories

inspired by Angel Cakes
Angel Cakes is all about true lifestyle, love and mental health. But what else can we do for the people?
We will create an instagram series in collaboration with the most interesting independent brands, artists and bloggers similar in spirit.

Each series will be tied to the theme of mental health and life balance and will be released once a month. This way we will assemble the project into a video calendar and keep it in our memories forever.

It can be a short movie, or a small doc, art or music video - anything in reels format. In addition to a unit of content, each of the collaborations may also lead to some sort of co-product between Angel Cakes and partners.

  • 12 Films

    One release per month
  • 12 Collabs

    12 mental partners & friends
  • 1 Year of Life

    Working hard
  • 1 Movie

    All the stories into one memory movie from January to December
Collaba.Collaba's creative team is tasked with developing and producing these mini-films and collaborations with Angel and other collaborators.
Don't compete, collaborate.!